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How to maintain plastic watch box

With people's growing sense of time, more and more people will use watch. a lot of people love their watches are the watch can easily lead to feelings, very protective of watches so buy a watch box to pack and keep watch, with the greatest degree of protection. So watch for everyday use plastic cartridges when you need pay attention to the maintenance?

Plastic watch case must not fall , it is very likely to cause the closing imbalances . closed as much as possible delicate point, because this is a delicate item .they also need a little tender, if too hard, then, is likely to the watch also called out.

1, the best time to wash with water only.
2, the surface layer of the box must protect.
3, the surface layer of the box once loosened, it is recommended to add some stuff cotton up to ensure tight 

4, Don't  place on the rough places.
5, It's the best not to touch the box when hands are wet.

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